Preliminary research into meditation is said to cultivate creativity. One’s level of concentration has been found to be positively affected by regular meditation, as well as strengthen interpersonal relationships through the cultivation of love, empathetic joy, and compassion. Last but certainly not least of the benefits, is meditations ability to boost happiness and positive affect, optimism, self-compassion (understanding of oneself in harsh times or times of failure rather than being overly critical), self-actualization (acceptance of self, others, and nature), moral maturity, and spirituality.  Thus meditation appears to bolster physiological, psychological, and trans-personal well being, which may help to allow all of us to actualize our individual strengths.

For some free examples of guided mindfulness meditation go to the following link and try some out. These will get you on your way. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sometimes when first starting to meditate people find it easier to participate in the guided versions.

Another great resource in the guided mindfulness meditation field is the works of Jon Kabat-Zinn. The can be sampled oniTunes. My personal favorite in this is the body scan meditation track:

Yoga traditionally is a concentrative meditation type where one often focuses on their own breath (during the practice even if this changes in (shavasana) the meditation part at the end of the class).

I enjoy both types of meditations and they both have their merits. Some days you will find it much harder than others to quite your mind and in the beginning you might find the mere fact of sitting still difficult. Remember start small and work your way up to longer periods.

Five minutes is beneficial. It like anything can take time but stick with it and use the guided meditations initially if that works for you. Remember this is time for you, so try and bring that inner voice that tends to think about everything else back to either your breath (if doing concentrative) or outside noises for example (if doing mindfulness meditation).

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