Nutrition is one of the main areas of focus on this site because of its importance, not only in maintaining a healthy body but a healthy mind too. Food is life force. It is our energy, and the energy within our food comes is directly from the Sun. It is an integral part of any transformation. Our connection with food from the perspective of fuel is vast and intimate. Our bodies tell us exactly what they need. The key is learning to hear them.

My intention with these posts is to discuss important nutritional principles and processes that can help you get in touch with your balanced body through a balanced nutritional path where your body’s voice stands out to you.

It will be fun and delivered in ways in which you can try things out in your body and see how they fit with you as we are all so very different (thank goodness).

The other part of nutrition that is seldom mentioned in comparison to what you eat, is how you eat. Adding mindfulness to your meal makes all the difference in digestion.

So come along on this journey to discover yourself and what nutritional alterations work best for you. Live your heightened life. Food is medicine.

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