So we should enjoy lots of alkaline foods and try to minimise our acidic ones.

So my main points for alkalising are

Befriend vegetables – these are whole food without sugar. Choose organic were you can but there is a list of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops so you can buy these organic ( ) saving some money as every little bit can help. Try and enjoy as much of these as possible raw, blended, juiced or lightly cooked.

Water, water, and more water, is what the body uses in different ways for all of the daily body functions. Drinking 3-4 litres of pure alkalised water a day will aid with all these functions. Flushing toxins are extremely important for your body to do and without sufficient water this doesn’t happen and when the body does not eliminate toxins they cause problems. Drink one litre first thing in the morning, two between meals throughout the day and one more litre in the evening. Adding lemon or Himalayan Sea salt (just a dash) to your water can alkalise it if you don’t have a filter (to increases the pH of your water) or bottled water.

Low sugar fruits – Lemons and Limes, Berries, Avocados, Pear’s, Apples, and Grapefruits. Avoid any store bought fruit juices unless it is freshly pressed in small quantities.

Try and keep acidic food intake low, 20% is ideal and this should be compromised of whole foods including plant and organic animal proteins, nuts, seeds, grains (sprouted are the best type), and the higher sugar fruit.

Minimise Stress is critical to this ideal body state and this is why I have teamed the positive psychology page with meditation for this first blog entry.

Things to be avoided

First and foremost sugar. Sugar is one of the most acidic things in the body. It is a poison to the body that has a very similar response in the brain as heroin and studies have suggested it to be more addictive. Even the sugar in fruit is still recognised in the same way by the body and that is why it is important to have in moderation.

Cut out dairy if you can. Dairy is highly mucous causing, if you can’t cut it out completely try and have it raw (hard to find, I know but an option for some).

Avoid Stimulants, all stimulants; these include sugar, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and soft drinks.

Eliminate processed foods from your diet. Eating whole foods is best for your body, the processing of food strips food of its nutritional density and how they would usually be digested, and this is not even mentioning all of the other additives in food. It seems little coincidence that since the manufacturing of processed foods in the 1950’s disease rates have been steadily climbing.

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