For those looking to kick off a new routine, or those wanting to re-condition, take a total body blast on the trusty TRX; utilising suspension training for ultimate core development and balanced muscular recruitment.

Followed by the stretch routine to cool down, or if you have time, check out the Yoga routine for unbeatable active flexibility.

  1. TRX Squat Row x 20 (video)
  2. TRX Reverse Lunge x 15/leg (Second Progression in this video)
  3. TRX Lateral Lunge x 15/leg (video)
  4. TRX single arm row into rotating chest press x 15/arm (video)
  5. Ab Cycles x 45 secs (video)
  6. TRX I-Fly with Hip Dip x 15 (video)


While one person is on the TRX, the other will either be holding the plank, or doing 10 second bursts of fast feet. These are important to keep your heart rates high and maintain your current metabolism.

Rest when needed!

Followed by:

  1. Hamstring Stretch x 30 sec/leg (video)
  2. Glute Stretch x 30 sec/leg (video)
  3. Inner Thigh Stretch x 30 sec/leg (video)
  4. TRX Chest Stretch x 40 secs (video)
  5. TRX Back Stretch Twist x 2 x 15 secs/side (video)

Three times a week with some stretching in the morning and evening each day would be perfect.

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