Re-connecting with yourself, with nature and all that is.

I see the world through a lens of beauty. I walk on a fabric of woven stars, and I too am created from this interplay of magic.

We exist in a playground of our own delight or despair and we get to play with the reality that we choose. We make this choice by the focus that we give. Our Focus is of such importance. Value it. Value it for yourself and don’t give it away mindlessly to any distraction that doesn’t serve your highest greatness. Ground yourself daily in your dreams, your love, your self-love, your health, your strength, your curiosity, and your truth.

Get to know yourself again each day as with every passing moment the creation that is you, changes. Made up of all the seemingly small daily choices that form your knowledge, wire your brain and become the very cells you get to experience this reality in. Your body. Your blessed vessel. One of the greatest relationships you will ever experience.

I say this knowing how easy it is to get stuck in a virtual world. One of screens and instant gratification, designed from our own harvested information, directed to pander to our preferences, and entangle us with dopamine releases while we transfix on a different reality all together. A cold, blue lit reality that doesn’t embrace our body’s innate intelligence its every present communication with us and our deep essential relationship with nature herself. After all we are carbon-based life forms.

I was just now getting sucked into this very trap. I am admitting this in written word so it is birthed. My body’s ‘communication to me, whist I was transfixed, was to find my centre again. Put my feet on the earth and find your true North. Breathe, love and breathe some more. I had been on an incredible path, one where all of my choices had been toward my highest good, until just a couple of hours ago.  

The silver lining is this. This piece of writing, this truth-filled-annoyance-at-myself inspired bit of authentic speech.

And just like that I’m back on path.

All emotions are valid. It’s what we do with them that is the important part. Do you use them to fuel your creativity and flow, or solidify your stagnation? Delight or Despair.

This life is truly magical, we just need to start remembering.

So one foot in front of the other, look around and see love, feel love, and give love and when you don’t just breathe.


Who is for a magical 2022???????? Let’s transform further into our greatness. I would love to know some of your wonderful daily rituals. How have you set yourself up for greatness?


So play more, laugh more, hug more, sex more, run, jump, read, dance, be you in all of your glory.


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