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Re-connecting with yourself, with nature and all that is.

I see the world through a lens of beauty. I walk on a fabric of woven stars, and I too am created from this interplay of magic. We exist in a playground of our own delight or despair and we get to play with the reality that we choose. We make this choice by the focus that we give. Our Focus is of such importance. Value it. Value it for yourself and don’t give it away mindlessly to any distraction that doesn’t serve your highest greatness. Ground yourself daily in your dreams, your love, your self-love, your health, your strength, your curiosity, and your truth. Get to know yourself again each day as with every passing moment the creation that...

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The Fredrickson Theory of positive emotions promotes us to think about these emotions not as an end themselves, but rather as access to a better life through the accumulation of lasting personal resources. Negative emotions are important and are often based on survival, therefore emotions such as anger or anxiety have helped us, from an evolutionary perspective, in terms of fight or flight. Meaning when faced with danger, perhaps a predator, our emotions would prepare our bodies to either flee the situation or fight for our lives.

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