Soothing myself in the red-hot moment (The trials and tribulations of visa applications)

My partner and I are in the process of applying for residency in Australia. Well he is, I am an Australian. So it is a big move for him. Although for me too, as I have been living in London for almost ten years, however of course, he is relocating to a foreign country and having done that myself I understand how challenging that can be.Wonderful too, but as you can imagine, or perhaps know from experience, an overseas move is can be filled with challenging times. I go from moments of knowing it will all be ok to other moments (some premenstrual fuelled) of what one could only describe as worry, agitation, nerves or anxiety. My mind, in what...

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The recipe is for the Pesto I made and posted on Instagram using Garlic Flowers/Scrapes. This pesto is lovely and rich in flavour. It is strong however, because of the garlic flowers so if you prefer milder pesto you would probably like this one to use in cooking rather than as a dip. It adds fantastic flavour to any recipe and is really simple to make.

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This is a comprehensive workout for those weeks when you’re up against the clock, but you have a gym available, and just need a total body blitz! A total of 30 – 45 minutes, depending on how many sets you can do! Go hard - Then go home!  

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