The path that lead me here today is one that every woman can relate to; the unique ebbs and flows that life presents our gender - from childhood right through to womanhood.

These are the challenges that have defined me, and that lead me to become the Positive Psychologist, Life Coach, and Movement Specialist I am today.

My Mother taught me very early on that girls will compete but it is women who inspire.

I help people who are feeling lost and trapped in their daily lives, feeling like they are living a foreign life, to connect with their passion and begin to realise their own unique purpose.

Women too often feel guilt for the many roles they play in the world; Mothers, Partners, Sisters and Daughters, playing one role while feeling guilty for neglecting another, we can spread ourselves thin and then blame ourselves for feeling tired. Offering compassion to everyone except the individual who needs it most. You.

Giving the gift of a healthy body and mind provides us with a solid foundation to not only live our daily lives but to expand our horizons by following desires and having the energy to do it.

When you start to walk in your own authenticity, your life will feel like your own and the freedom that experience bestows is endless, and this is just the beginning of your journey.