I was busy and stressed at work and unhappy with my fitness, with a long-term phobia of crowded commercial gyms and boring personal trainers. I knew exercise would help sort most of this out, but was unsure how to break back into enjoying exercise and all of its benefits.
A friend recommended I find a PT gym as it would be less overwhelming than the big gyms. I met Samara who has taken me on a physical and mental journey. She continually assesses my performance pushing me physically, but most amazingly pushing me mentally. She is building my confidence in my body, getting it to reconnect and work as one, but also connect with my emotions, bringing an overall strength to dealing with the stress. I now look forward to my gym sessions as I know how amazing I feel afterwards. What a turn around in 2 months.


I signed up for a 6 week/3 days per week personal training programme with samara as my trainer.  The aims of the programme were to build core strength for a twin pregnancy!  I thoroughly enjoyed the training and samara's supportive and friendly company she gave just the right amount of encouragement.  As I am not a keen gym bunny, I wanted something that would keep me interested as I am liable to giving up - every session was unique with a mixture of Pilates, Yoga and body resistance work and I did not miss a session even rocking up for 6am starts which is so unlike me.  I really felt the benefits in a short period.  I enjoyed a healthy problem free pregnancy and would recommend samara's training to other expectant mothers.


Having worked with other personal trainers previously, I’ve found that many simply focus their sessions on reps, routines and measurements.  However once these sessions were over, I invariably drifted back into old habits or simply gave up as these set routines became dull and stopped yielding results.

With only a few months to my wedding, I was therefore looking for someone who could not only get me into shape fast, but could also leave me with a more holistic and lasting approach to my fitness.  Teach me how to stretch correctly, focus on good technique and offer advice on how to adapt and grow my routine as my fitness and circumstance required.

Thankfully Samara was able to accommodate my busy working schedule, always bringing an infectious motivation to every session, despite our early starts, and always having planned something new to try.   An example of her holistic approach was the importance immediately placed on building core strength, and the impact this has on good technique overall.  Focus on this area in our initial sessions soon yielded great improvements in many other areas of my fitness; balance during lunges or the reduced strain on my back when lifting the barbell are two of many examples I can note.

Her expert instruction has also meant that I am far more keen to approach free weights and functional exercise, preferring these than being constrained to traditional resistance machines found in most gyms.  Plus the countless combinations and scalability of these exercises mean that I can continue to develop new routines safely.

Samara’s advice on stretching and understanding post workout aches and pains has also been invaluable, since our sessions I’ve remained injury free, despite having recently turned 40 and having a penchant for Crossfit!

Lastly, Samara’s advice on good nutrition and honestly considering how things such as alcohol can affect my fitness and performance have really hit home.  I’m now far more likely to skip after work drinks and go running or training as I can now appreciate how much better I can feel as a result.


I began training with Samara with the aim of building my strength and general cardiovascular fitness in advance of spending a ski season in the Alps. Samara provided me with a focused training regime specific to my goals, while also giving me insight into both the physical and psychological aspects of training. In the 8 weeks that we trained together my fitness and strength improved dramatically and this allowed me to ski longer and harder from day 1.


Samara is an outstanding Personal Trainer. I began training with her in an effort to tone up and arrest an early-thirties decline in fitness, first with a friend, where she was able to easily cater for our different levels of ability and then one on one focusing in on my specific goals. In a very short space of time she has not only helped me achieve those initial aims, but also helped me to improve my overall posture and flexibility, imparted insightful advice on nutrition and provided fitness tips for outside the gym. This holistic approach is complimented by an irrepressible enthusiasm for what she does, creating a professional, positive and fun atmosphere. I cannot recommend her enough!